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About Us/FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What exactly is your business?
A:  We are a licensed full-service furniture dealer based in Buford, Georgia. 

Q:  Do you have a showroom?
A:  No.  We are factory-direct furniture company.  We place your order with a manufacturer and have it either delivered to your home, or you can pick up your furniture at our warehouse in Buford, GA or Kettering, OH. 

Q:  How do I search for furniture without a showroom?
A:  Furniture manufacturers exhibit their available products in "virtual showrooms" on their websites.  Our customers can access these websites on our FURNITURE SHOPPING page.  All of the items are displayed in high resolution photos and list the specs for each product.  For full instructions on how to shop and order furniture from us, click HERE.  We also have manufacturer product catalogs to assist your search.  You are welcome to contact us with your furniture ideas, and we will help you find them.

Q:  How can you sell furniture at such low prices?
A:  Low overhead, streamlined logistics and the willingness to sell to customers at a profit level just high enough to make sense -- and low enough to keep our clients coming back.

Q:  Do you match dealer pricing?
A:  We are VERY confident in our prices.  You are always welcome to show us competitive dealer pricing...but we are selling furniture less than even their greatest sale events on a daily basis. 

Q:  Where do you sell furniture?  And do you ship furniture outside of North Georgia?
A:  We sell furniture mostly in North Georgia, but we do sell furniture outside of the state.  We will ship furniture to you as long as the order is large enough to make business sense, and the customer is okay with the shipping costs by the freight carrier.

Q:  Is your furniture new?  And do you rent furniture?
A:  We sell only new, boxed furniture from the manufacturer.  We order straight from the manufacturers, so our products come with the original manufacturer warranty.  We do not rent furniture at this time.

Q:  Do you offer financing? 
Not at this time.  We do, however, accept cash, personal/certified checks, e-checks, credit card and paypal payments.  Our prices are low enough for most customers to refrain from financing.

Q:  What are my delivery options?
A:  We can arrange delivery to your home.  We offer threshold delivery (products delivered to the home) or white glove (delivery and set up).  Customers are welcome to save additional money by picking their orders up at our warehouse in Buford, GA or Kettering, OH.

Q:  Do you charge sales tax?
A:  Yes, if the products are sold within the state of Georgia.  However, we do NOT charge sales tax if the products are ultimately being shipped out of Georgia.

Q:  Who do I speak with if I have additional questions or would like to place an order?
A:  Call Mike Merrick at 678.656.2262 or e-mail him at!

About Us:

For over 35 years, the Merrick family has been delivering fine quality furniture & bedding at the lowest prices possible. 

The family patriarch, Thurman Merrick, bases his furniture and bedding business on integrity, commitment & trust.  As a result, he has established a successful business enterprise in the Midwest with loyal customers across the U.S. desiring fine furniture & exceptional customer service.

Thurman has taken pride in the fact he does not advertise or use special promotions to attract customers.  He operates on word-of-mouth by satisfied customers.We sell furniture at the lowest prices while maintaining the highest customer satisfaction. After serving over ten years as a public relations professional with an American automaker, Michael Merrick has embraced his father’s philosophy & integrated the family furniture & bedding business in the greater Atlanta area.

Mike Merrick, owner of Merrick Furnishings says, “My mission is to professionally assist clients by transforming their houses into homes & offices into comfortable workplaces with fine quality furniture.”

Merrick Furnishings is a privately-owned company. The company leverages an extensive network of contacts within the furniture manufacturing industry, thereby offering residential & office furniture at the lowest possible prices to private consumers, retail businesses, real estate professionals, hotel operators, interior decorators & home builders.

Merrick Furnishings maintains low overhead costs by conducting “just-in-time” inventory logistics & private appointment schedules. Customers are welcome to request real estate services &/or purchase furnishings separately. 

To schedule an appointment or to discuss Merrick Furnishings and its portfolio of services, please contact Mike Merrick at 678.656.2262 or e-mail

We look forward to talking with you & meeting all of your furniture needs.

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